A experimental web design work for for New York University Professor Jennifer Jacquet's new book "Is shame Necessary?: New Uses for an Old Tool".

We employed serveral new web technologies to explore the possibilities of delivering the message in a more precise and more playful way.

About The Book

An urgent, illuminating exploration of the social nature of shame and of how it might be used to promote large-scale political change and social reform.

In cultures that champion the individual, guilt is advertised as the cornerstone of conscience. But while guilt holds individuals to personal standards, it is powerless in the face of corrupt institutions. In recent years, we as consumers have sought to assuage our guilt about flawed social and environmental practices and policies by, for example, buying organic foods or fair-trade products. Unless nearly everyone participates, however, the impact of individual consumer consciousness is ineffective.

In the landing page, we used P5.JS to create an immersive mouse-based interactive animation to give the user a primary understanding of this book. Try it.

In Map of Human Punishment section, we explored the potential of using the new features came with CSS3 / HTML5 to create a film-like, narriative experience. Try it (desktop platform required).