Thing Thing Thing

Making an art game is like daydreaming - one that we can go back to over and over again. Game Objects are external manifestations of creators’ spirits. When their creators are tied up with the reality of life, these tiny things awake in the wondrous space of “grandeur” (Gustave Bachelard, 1948) created through the imagination of their creators. They twist, turn, wiggle, roll around. On a sunny day, they wonder into the deep land, make a friend, sing a song(more like make a sound to their creators) by the river. Gently, they bring together heaven and earth, and opens us the future of reality.

ThingThingThing is an experimental collaboration between Asia Art Archive and artist duo ZZYW, formed by Yang Wang and Zhenzhen Qi. A group of participants and the organizers will spend two fun and action packed days in AAA’s lovely Brooklyn Heights office, learning fundamentals of video game development, and make a collective art game along the way. At the end of the two days, the result is a film that generates it own plots in real time, composed by all participants using Unity, a video game development platform and C# as the programming language.

Day One: participants will be supplied with 3d models that roughly refer to humans, animals, or objects. They will learn about creating materials, editing textures, as well as using computer code to manipulate the location, movement, rotation, and size of the models.

Day Two: participants will be supplied with simple computer code, as well as modifying and writing their own code to add slightly more involved game plays to what they have created. For example, a computer code can be attached to the model that tells the model to “make a sound” when it approaches the river, or “disperse tiny stars” when meeting a new friend.

Throughout the entire workshop, the artists will collect 3d Things made in all shapes and forms, and put them into a virtual world. At the end of the two-day workshop, we will project the final version onto the wall, and watch our creations walk around and meet each other - thing to thing, while we also get to know one another, human to human.


Zhenzhen PrinceZ
Yang Elo & Dummy
Jingling JZ & JZPig
Evian Cloud Cloud & Sheep_Mushy
Sara Margarita & Tomas
JHMun Chicken

Video Documentation of final version of the Simulation art