Is Pleashare?

"Pleashare is a new kind of community space for women based on one simple idea: for all of us, every woman, to feel comfortable about our own bodies and sexuality, to feel confident about our desires."


- Sam Jing Zhao, the Founder


We started with 7 different proposals and narrowed down to the current design, which we feel strongest about.

This design is inspired by a few concepts.

1. The Solar Symbol

This is an ancient solar symbol featuring a circle with its center marked with a dot. It is the astronomical symbol for the Sun, and the ancient Egyptian sign for "sun" or "Ra" in the hieroglyphic writing system. The character for "sun" or "day" in early Chinese script was similar, but it has become square in modern script: 日.

We re-appropriated the Egyptian and Chinese symbol of sun into two variations of the Symbol of Pleasure - the main building blocks for the logo. We liked the "source of light and energy", "unity", "origin of life" meaning inherited from the ancient symbols. We also reduced the font weight of the stroke to assimilate a visual representation of "pleasure point", "sensual arousal".

Between the two variations of the Symbol of Pleasure, we feel that the circular one is a more classical interpretation of pleasure, and the square one throws in a bit extra rowdiness and modern non-conformist spirit. We also like their respective associations with the Egyptian and Eastern signs of Sun, which accounts for cultural and geographic diversity.

2. Share Icon

We borrowed the concept of "sharing" from a quindecennial 21 century Sharing Phenomenon - the Android Share Icon. It is an easily recognized identification of the experience of Sharing in digital social media space.

3. We married the "pleasure" and "sharing" concepts into the current logo to reflect the integral brand value - Pleasure Sharing. We also made an aesthetic decision to offset the angle between the two Pleasure symbols by 30 degrees to convey the playfulness and carefree character of the brand identity.