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An installation comprised of a EEG brain wave sensor and animated projection of ocean. Waves rise and fall in response to the mind activity of the viewer.

Chinese idiom "脑海" could be literally translated into "Brain Ocean", it is an analogical representation simply for "The Mind". Implays the Mind is like an ocean, mysterious, deep and almost intelligently incomprehensible. The ancient Chinese has been very interested in the relationship between the mind and the physical reality. By coining the word "脑海", they expressed an ideology of connecting the reality and the mind. We are fascinated by the analogy and were driven to create something that could picture out this idea using new media technology.

We employed the EEG Brain sensor and created the generated digital ocean. By the EEG sensor, we can get the basic brain activity of the viewer, and then we use it to control the movement of the ocean.

The project was exhibited at FLEX Gallery, Shanghai.